Step by Step Guide to How Public Adjusters Work

public adjusterPublic adjusters are licensed insurance professionals dedicated to improving your insurance settlement claim. But how do claims adjusters actually work? Here’s a step by step guide.

Step 1) Inspection
During this phase, the public adjuster will inspect your insurance policy. He or she will carefully read through every word in the policy to understand even the smallest details. Many of these details are complicated, vague, or written in “legalese”. An experienced public adjuster will be able to translate these terms for you and apply them to your situation. Looking over your policy helps the adjuster get a solid idea of what’s covered in your policy and what your coverage limits are.

Step 2) Necessitating
During the necessitating phase, the public adjuster will assess the situation surrounding your claim – like the incident where the loss occurred. They’ll carefully acquire all details of the loss and then compare those losses to what’s covered in your insurance policy. The claim is then meticulously documented and packaged and sent to your insurance company for review.

Step 3) Negotiation
Public adjusters negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Ideally, the adjuster’s job ends at the “necessitating” phase. But in the real world, your insurance company will likely want to respond with a lower offer. Most states give you two years to dispute insurance settlements.


Get Help From a Certified Insurance Adjuster

Claims MateWhen you hire an insurance adjuster, he or she will read through your policy to understand exactly what the insurance agency is required to cover. Then, the insurance adjuster will examine your claim and determine the maximum amount which can be claimed according to your policy. Finally, the adjuster will begin negotiating with the insurance agency on your behalf to achieve your desired settlement. How do you find a qualified public adjuster? ClaimsMate aims to solve that problem.


On the ClaimsMate website, visitors can enter basic details of their claim in order to get connected with qualified public adjusters across Texas. After submitting your form, ClaimsMate will instantly begin searching for qualified public adjusters in your local area.


Finding the right public adjuster can be difficult: with ClaimsMate, it’s easier than ever before. Within hours of submitting your form, a ClaimsMate referral specialist will call you – free of charge – to ask additional questions about your claim. These steps only takes a few minutes of your valuable time. Finally, that referral specialist will sift through a database of insurance adjusters in the network to find someone with the technical expertise required to complete your claim successfully. Those who work with insurance adjusters can see as much as a 70% higher payout compared to the original amount offered by the insurance company.